Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Summer time sailing

 Can't believe summer is just around the corner,
I can smell it in the air, see it in sky and feel it on my skin. Those days when the sun shines all day and you can happily walk around in shorts living the life.
You can spend most of the day outside as opposed to sitting inside beneath a blanket feeling sorry for ones self. Yes its just around the bend...Bring it on:)

You may imagine these shots are in the summer but you'd be wrong in actual fact they are deep in the depths of winter between a storm and in an icy wind. Classic Topper action.Its going be great to get back out in my mates boat this year all going well.Anyways i'm off back to work..Lovely window cleaning..Chao Chao

Saturday, 18 February 2012

 Hi out there, Sorry the quality isn't great in these pictures I seriously need to invest in a new dslr with a massive zoom one of these days. This is a local enough spot starts working in the winter months and can be a good bit of fun. This day it was just my mate Gman out, as I was sick and so I took some photos instead. I know there not the best but they'll do. Anyways ends up Gman got himself into a nasty shallow section further down the point and must have fell directly onto his knee because he came out with a massive slice straight through his wetsuit and just underneath his kneecap.I'd say he was pretty fortunate to only be out of the water for a couple of weeks though he missed a couple of amazing weeks..Painful in a lot of ways.

Come on mate,I'd have been all over that.

How Hollow does that look:)

Mumford and Sons

Where do you start to describe how good Mumford and 
the lads are at gigs. I have been fortunate to go see them three time and they haven't 
let me down yet all of them being as amazing as the last.
The way the band performs with such a love for what they are 
doing, almost struggling to come to terms with there own abilities 
to produce the best folk rock pop that you'll ever hear. They go nuts
at the live gigs, they seem to live for that moment on stage to just go totally
nuts. This song is especially amazing live.. 
I have placed all my trust at the foot of this hill.............
Seal my heart and break my pride I've nowhere to stand and nowhere to hide.
Align my heart my body my mind to face what I've done and do my time!!!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Patrick Watson

If you haven't heard this before. Get a comfortable seat put the feet up make sure that there is total silence in the room and turn your speakers up full blast. This piece is Epic. Its Beautiful, Moving, Emotional and just totally amazing.. Hope you enjoy it as much as i do. 

Surf Ireland Random Pictures

 Hey out there in the world of online unrealities here's a couple more pictures I captured of some waves down in Co.Kerry.
Not sure who the surfer is and I'm not telling you where these beautiful waves are or I'll be a marked man in those parts. You'll just have to get out there and explore a wee bit.  

Can you make out the two happy souls out enjoying this long right hander that comes good most winters.

This wave below is so good. We named it Boulders. I'm not sure if that name has stuck or if its still just referred to as the wave around the corner. Many good surfs where had at this spot in the early days of my surfing experience, A lot of nice wipeouts and severe beatings, lessons learnt each time i surfed out there. 
I hope to get back down there sometime soon to revisit her perfect fast lined up wall, To give it a good go at getting shacked out there. Which I never managed to do but Its certainly very possible. Yes I will return soon to experience it some more. 
Hope the photos inspire you to get out there and find some virgin waves in Ireland. There has to still be some lingering around the place off some island or deserted headland..Get out there!!!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Insane Surf Footage

Biggest Teahupoo Recorded On Phantom HD Camera

Sri Lanka, Surf, Sun and Sea

Where does one start, to describe a country so full of life and colour. Amazing sounds, sights , people so happy and sad. This was a life changing journey for me, a real eye opener, to see how these people live in such extreme situations with next to no money and wake up still smiling. To see the way the city throbs with noisy life on a hot clammy day, Looking out from under a shaded cafe table, sipping on a cold king ginger beer as life goes by in a blur of tuktuk horns and dangerously overcrowded buses. Good times:)

I'll add more over time from this journey that lasts a lifetime. I hope you will enjoy them!!

Kelly Slater 11x World Champion!

King Kelly and Ben Howard what more do you want in life. 
The perfect video partners:) Enjoy!!

Inch Reef

Amazing right hand point break in Kerry.
Sorry about the noise factor and the quality not being great. Hopefully it'll be better in the future.

Surf in Sligo 6/2/12

Just had this sneaky wee surf yesterday. This is a bit of a secret spot. It was just the four of us out this day. It wasn't breaking quite right as the tide was too low but should be good this week again all going to plan. Defo my favorite spot in the area. Hopefully have a few new snaps soon. My mate Matt is snapping the photos on the chilly Irish  rocks. Legend

Friday, 3 February 2012

Surf on the emerald isle

So this is just a wee taster of some waves that used to be my local breaks.The bottom one is an amazing left that we fondly call Boulders.I will hopefully get some more pictures up soon.

Patrick Watson

Epic tune if you haven't heard of 
                                                                         him your missing out!!

New music

Just stumbled across this beautiful piece of music when i was looking through The Tallest Man on Earths site.
Such a fantastic voice could listen to it over and over and not get sick of it. Enjoy!!!